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Help Protect Night Skies from Light Pollution


sign the pledge


change your lights


save money


spread the stars

Starry skies are a vanishing treasure because light pollution is washing away our view of the cosmos.

Light Pollution is stealing the starry skies from our children.

It not only threatens astronomy, it disrupts wildlife, and affects human health. The yellow glows over cities and towns — seen so clearly from space — are testament to the billions spent in wasted energy from lighting up the sky.

There is good news: you can take a few simple steps to stop light pollution, and reduce the yellow glow that fades our view of the stars. The really good news? Saving the stars saves you money, too.

Sign the Pledge


By signing this, I am pledging to turn off my exterior lights at my home or business for 1 hour on Friday, April 20th from 8 to 9 p.m. MST.

Change Your Lights


Lighting designed to protect dark skies illuminates the ground without brightening the sky.


Locate Dark Sky Friendly Certified fixtures and bulbs available in your area. 

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